Penis Enlargement Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are general FAQs written about penis enlargement. This may answer some of your questions on natural enlargement programs and penis enlargement pills.

Which Penis Enlargement Method is the BEST?
The best method is the one that works for you. The most popular method is natural male penis enlargement sites because these are inexpensive at below $50 and yield quick results. There is also of course the penis pumps which many men claim have increased their penis size and will swear they work. The new area of the market are the penis pills, creams and solutions. Most of these are still being tested but they are improving all of the time. The most expensive option is of course surgery but if you can take the risk and afford it this is another option. You can see what worked for me, I added 2.5 inches in length and 2 inches in girth, read my story here.

So will I have a 9 inch monster?
Probably not. The average man usually gains 1-3 inches with natural enlargement sites, pills or pumps. Of course there are still men that gain 3 inches and above but you should not aim this high at first.

Are these methods safe? Are there any risks?
I don't want you to hurt your family jewels! Natural penis enlargement sites that other exercises are extremely safe, they do recommend you contact a doctor before using the program if you want. Pumps can cause soreness on the penis if overused, so don't go buying a $10 pump that could cause you injury, buy an established product. The current pills and drinks on the market currently have no side effects reported and some of them do work great.

These natural enlargement sites, are they all the same?
No. Each site offers the same sort of exercises but the quality is very different and this can effect your results. A site which charges you for $40 for a simple text document is ripping you off. Look for sites which have been rated well by review sites and look at the exact contents the site offers. Videos and pictures can be seen as unnecessary accessories, but this is NOT the case as it clearly shows exactly how the exercises should be done so you get results faster. A poorly designed site usually indicates the site is a "rip-off" with no support or real content.

Can pills & liquids really enlarge the penis?
YES, the big sites such as  have sold many penis pills and some reports have came through on enlargement message boards that they do work. Many men however are taking the step of combining natural enlargement methods and the pills to achieve faster results and larger gains. The choice is your but beware try to always go with a popular site, that lists ingredients of its products and exactly what the product achieves. Most of the products being sold come with a money back guarantee.

My penis as gained 2 inches, I am happy can I Stop now?
It depends, If you have been using weights or stretchers in the long term you are likely to lose 0.5 inches off that length. If you are using a natural enlargement site then the best ones have a "cooling down" workout guide which weans you off the program and keeps the results you have gained permanent. Permanent gains can be made with pills and natural exercises together.

Some of these enlargement devices/sites seem like scams?
The penis enlargement industry is very big and many people have came in ripped off content and design and stuck up their own site which leaves you with no support, guarantee etc. As a consumer take your time making your decision read the tour on the enlargement sites and see what other sites say about what they offer. BE CAREFUL I know penis enlargement works, many hundreds of thousands of men change themselves each year.

My Mum/Wife/Son/Brother might find out?
No. Most sites offer a discreet service for their products. For example enlargement sites will bill you discreetly eg "CCBILL" would appear on your bill. Pumps, pills etc are all sent discreetly packed and no mention of the contents. Secure servers are always used when purchasing.

Are these Guarantee's legitimate?
Yes. However the sites usually want you to try their exercises for 2 months or shorter before they will refund you, but you can defiantly get your money back if you don't see results after this time. The top sites offer longer guarantees and actually stipulated when they will give a refund, these are the sites as a consumer you should choose. You know where you stand and if the product/website fails to deliver the results you can claim your money back and you lost nothing.

Can these sites help "Impotence", "premature ejaculation" etc?
Some of the sites can help you with these problems. The top 30 natural enlargement sites all contain information on exercising the PC muscle which can help you prevent premature ejaculation and ejaculate when you actually want to. These programs can also help with impotence and the prevention of impotence, some sites have special areas on this issue and if this is your concern look for these sites, including Penis-Health

Do I REALLY want to enlarge my penis?
This is completely up to you. Ask yourself these simple questions. Are you happy with your girth and length sizes? Are you confident in bed? Are you confident naked? If not then its your choice if you want to improve yourself and do something about it. If it will make you feel better about yourself then why not just go for it? Good luck.

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