Our Review on Size Genetics

For men who would like an all round means of permanent penis growth, I would suggest visiting the site of Size Genetics (http://www.sizegenetics.com/). Size Genetics is the only doctor developed, multi-approach system of penis enlargement that I recommend. The program incorporates a traction device,  exercises and herbal supplements into one cohesive program for guaranteed results.

The foundation of the Size Genetics system is the traction device. Designed with the principle that human tissue will adapt to force applied (this principle is demonstrated in African tribes people who elongate their necks and lower lips for cultural reasons) , the device works by applying gentle traction along the length of the penis shaft. This forces new, longer cells to develop in accommodation. The instrument can be discreetly worn under most circumstances.

Additionally, Size Genetics has teamed up with three award winning companies: ProSolution Pills - a 100% natural penis enlargement pill product; Volume Pills, an all natural herbal formula designed to increase semen volume; and Penis Health, a doctor recommended penis enlargement exercise program. The combination of all four methods ensures the world's most effective multi-approach system to penis enlargement.

The Size-Genetics site boasts before-and-after pictures, unsolicited client testimonials, and a table comparing their program with the closest competitors. The system is cost effective and 100% guaranteed. Size Genetics is my first choice in a multi-approach system to penis enhancement.

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